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SAIBA is a voluntary membership body with more than 2000 members. 44% of our membership is employed in business, the public sector or academia. Others manage their own small, medium or large accountancy practices.

SAIBA was officially established on 14 October 1987. SAIBA members were granted accounting officer status on 7 July 1996. Accreditation was also granted to the Institute in terms of the Namibian Close Corporations Act, 1988, on 13 June 2006. SAIBA members may also issue independent review reports for companies and close corporations.

The Institute is registered as a Non Profit Company (NPC) under the South African Companies Act, 71 of 2008. SAIBA members that have obtained the right to use a SAIBA designation have voting rights at the SAIBA Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the Board is elected. Nominations for Board Member candidates are submitted by the Nominations Committee prior to an AGM.

A small full time staff under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the day to day administration of SAIBA. SAIBA is a proudly Southern African institute and subscribes to the values enshrined in the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are a professional body that serves the needs of all persons living in Southern Africa and recognise and acknowledge that the imbalances of the past need to be corrected.

Members and potential members are therefore treated as persons with unique needs, values, interests and expectations.


About SAIT

The South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT) is the largest of the professional tax bodies in South Africa, and seeks to enhance the tax profession by developing standards in education, compliance, monitoring and performance. SAIT contributes to the development of world class professional practises and people.

The Institute plays a leading role in developing sound tax policy and shaping fiscal legislation through participation in, and dialogue with, Parliament. SAIT actively contributes to industry leading thought leadership content and guidance to taxpayers.

Through SAIT’s international network, and influence as chair of the global Tax Directors Forum, South Africa participates and contributes to the work of the OECD, and the Institute regularly hosts international tax conferences and summits in support of the national developmental agenda.

The South African Institute of Tax Practitioners is a Not for profit (NPC) company and tax exempt entity with registration number 2007/014730/08.

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